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Bruce Shackleton, Ed.D.
35 Main Street, Suite 3
Wayland, MA USA

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Individual, Couples & Family Counseling

When individuals face stressful situations or ongoing difficulties in their personal or professional lives they can, at times, become overwhelmed and lose their bearings. They may feel anxious or depressed; helpless or hopeless; angry or frustrated. They may also have difficulties with attention, concentration, or sleep.

My goal in working with clients is to be both sensitive and resourceful in helping them sort out and understand their emotional reactions. I also attempt to find creative & practical steps for addressing their problems. I help clients access their personal strengths and a full range of emotions to develop greater effectiveness in confronting their challenging situations. Beyond the immediate situation, I help clients develop the resources to deal with current and future challenges with greater capacity.

Everyone must be understood within the context of significant others, families, friends, and community. I use a "family systems – relational" approach, and work with individuals in strengthening these important connections. We strive to create positive, constructive, and supportive relationships to address complicated situations and manage conflict. My experience in Career Coaching gives me a particularly valuable perspective in working with both individuals and couples, including dual-career couples.

The principles that have guided me throughout my career have evolved into the current field of Positive Psychology. I focus on character strengths and positive emotions to help my clients develop a higher level of satisfaction and happiness in their lives. I continue to make this a central pillar of my therapeutic and coaching work.

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